How to update AOL email settings in Mac Mail 10 / Mac mail 9?

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سُئل أغسطس 9 في تصنيف اللجوء والهجرة الى ايطاليا سؤال وجواب بواسطة rondarousey

In order to update AOL Email setting in your Mac Mail 10 or Mac Mail 9 users must keep following points on mind these are:

  • Under incoming mail server, enter your correct username
  • Under Outgoing mail server option, choose to edit the SMTP server list
  • Now you need to enter username, password and hostname in the field provided
  • Use the correct port number for both incoming and outgoing server

This can be really tricky at a time if you don’t know the correct hostname and port number that’s why it is advised to call professionals at AOL Email Customer Supprot Number for fixing this issue completely from the core itself.

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